Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The "Sinister Seven"

This section of LeBoux's medical journal provides details on the "Sinister Seven"
Amidst my research into Anastasia LeBoux and her link to the Norristown Asylum for the Criminally Insane, I have been reading through what appears to be her medical journal from her time there. It contains her notes on the patients she studied there. While it discusses a number of inmates and their horrible crimes, there was a section of the journal that read differently than the rest. It seems she spent a great deal of time with a handful of patients that became known around the asylum as the "Sinister Seven," which according to her, were the seven most dangerous inmates. Here are a few highlights:
Lloyd Carver: his father had the distinction of performing the most amputations during the Civil War; at a young age, became obsessed with watching his father's surgeries and eventually performed his first amputation after chloroforming his father 
Richard Doggett: veteranarian that experimented on bringing animals animals back to life; was institutionalized after digging up and attempting to reanimate a number of recently deceased human corpses 
Nathaniel Ivie: a horticulturalist and shut-in, obsessed with raising his plants as his only family; once kidnapped a man to use as fertilizer for his garden, keeping the man alive while his body slowly decomposed into the earth
Elijah Filling: while working as a dentist, a series of patients went missing; upon investigating the disappearances, a number of victims were discovered in his basement, some still alive, all with their faces and mouths mutilated
Bartholomew Knowles: working his whole life as an apothecary, began to lose self-control after modern medicine began to drive his business into the ground; began using more "experimental" cures that had less than desirable results 
Daniel McCutter: a butcher that was arrested after he began cutting up people instead of meat; the dismembered remains of four victims were found in his ice house, although another 13 suspected victims were never recovered
Burnham Oliver: a blacksmith by trade; arrested and sent to the asylum after it was found out that he had made metal casts from a number of live victims
All of these inmates were kept in a ward separate from the others and it appears that LeBoux spent a lot of time studying them. Her writings almost seem to admire them in some ways. Another thing that stood out to me was that all of the Sinister Seven had the notation of being eligible candidate for "the project." How this relates to Von Weren, I'm still not certain, but I'll keep digging deeper!


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