Monday, October 22, 2012

Fire at the Norristown Insane Asylum Leads to Unexpected Deaths

Clip from the Easttown
Ledger detailing preliminary
information on the Norristown
Insane Asylum Fire in 1895.
No sooner then I've learned about the Sinister Seven, I discover that all of them died at the same time! As reported by The Easttown Gazette in the summer of 1895, "the conflagration killed seven patients and one doctor." And who was the one doctor? Anastasia LeBoux. I  may be the only one, but it seems like more than a coincidence that seven of the asylum's most dangerous inmates and their doctor were all killed in one night, by a mysterious fire that left no bodies. I'm still not certain how Von Weren is connected to all of it, but I'm certain that he is in some way. I've been pouring over both his journal and LeBoux's medical notebook, trying to find some clues to what was really going on.

On a separate note, I plan on going into the mansion to conduct an on-scene examination sometime this week. It's important to remember that the historical research and on-scene research are both very important parts of the same coin. Without a full picture, there isn't much to be proved. I'll be conducting video and EVP recordings, along with temperature and barometric measurements. I'll be sure to share my findings as soon as I can analyze the data. Hopefully something will turn up!


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